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MultiFresh® MyA

Multi-functional Blast Chiller

MultiFresh can run operating cycles with temperatures from -40°C to +85°C preserving its consistency, moisture content, and nutritional properties. By pressing a button you can blast chill, shock freeze, prove, thaw, regenerate, pasteurise and cook at low temperature.

  • 16 different models available in the range, 25-750kg with temperature range from -40°C to +85°C
  • MYA: My Assistant simply touch, 7" touch screen display with simple, intuitive icons to access MultiFresh®’s numerous functions and manage its cycles.
  • Organise your production and processes with flexibility 24 hours a day.
  • Multiple different uses including blast chilling, shock freezing, holding, regeneration, pasteurisation, proofing, thawing and low temperature cooking.
  • Multirack system. Switch easily from Gastronorm to 60x40 baking trays
NameDimensionsYieldPowerShipping weight
MF 25.1790 x 778 x 870mm25kg1.2kW 115kg
MF 45.1790 x 969 x 1595mm45kg3.6kW215kg
MF 70.1790 x 969 x 1970mm70kg5.3kW275kg
MF 30.2870 x 909 x 870mm30kg2kW140kg
MF 70.2870 x 1099 x 1595mm70kg5.2kW275kg
MF 85.2870 x 1099 x 1970mm85kg6.2kW305kg