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EasyFresh® Next

Simplicity, high performance and design excellence

The EasyFresh® Next blast chiller rapidly chills and freezes foods. No instructions needed: the blast chiller is intuitive and quick to programme. The EasyFresh® Next blast chiller speeds up chilling processes, increasing productivity. The speed of cycles allows better organisation of production in the kitchen, optimising management of personnel and preparation of dishes.Utilising innovative cold management technology the EasyFresh® Next features 4 cycles dedicated to blast chilling and shock freezing, with sensational performance even when using the machine round the clock

  • 4 different models available in the range, 10-45Kg
  • 4 basic cycles: +3°C delicate and strong and -18°C delicate and strong
  • MultiSensor® 5 point probe for perfect temperature control.
  • Multirack system. Switch easily from Gastronorm to 60x40 baking trays
  • Options include Sanigen® patented sanitisation system sanitises every part of the chamber
ModelDimensionsYield per cyclePowerShipping weight
EF Next XS535 x 655 x 740mm10kg1kW72kg
EF Next S790 x 840 x 870mm15kg1.3kW115kg
EF Next M790 x 920 x 1590mm35kg2.7kW160kg
EF Next L790 x 920 x 1965mm45kg4.1kW190kg